Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Somewhere along the way
I think when I was very young
Something disconnected
Head overriding heart
Somehow I didn't realize
That movies move me more than real life
Some days even a commercial
Touches me more deeply than memories
Somehow it seems that
I became afraid of the tide of my emotions
Something overwhelming
Hiding in the buried depths of my soul
Somewhere under some anger
And a lot of emptiness, I know I'm not

Monday, April 20, 2009


Backward again
Not into oblivion
But into darkness

A leisurely drive
A sunlit day on a country road
No music on the radio
Only a soul loudly
Crying out in worship
Exalting in the abundance
Of forgiveness and restoration
Connections and stories retold
Never expecting the danger
Hiding in wait around the bend

Hours later
Wine and good food
Music and firelight
Obscured heartsong
And momentary loss of focus
Fishtailing, sliding on gravel
Swerving off the sunlit path
Into darkness
Shadows flickering
In lonely silence

Stunned at the moment of impact
Followed by fear that
The sunlight, the heartsong
Are forever destroyed
These injuries will fester
Will try to keep me back
If hidden and untended
So I climb from the wreckage
Away from the darkness
And stumble up toward the sun