Thursday, July 31, 2008


Relax! Everything is going to be all right.
Rest! Everything is coming together.
Open your hearts - LOVE IS ON THE WAY.

Fight with everything you have
Cling desperately to the gift of faith you've been given
Don't let go of it - no matter what it costs you
And when your faith feels small
Come to me and ask for more

There are those around you who hold faith loosely
They don't value it like you do
They bring their own corrupt wisdom
But you bring my Truth - LOVE IS ON THE WAY

There is a great mess out there
It is bigger than you are
So you cling to me
You keep me before you
Here is the truth - LOVE IS ON THE WAY

You--all of you--you build your faith
You pray in the Spirit
You place yourself right in the center of My Love.
Open your arms--keep them open and outstretched
Don't close yourself off
Don't shut yourself down

Wait--stay ready for my mercy and love
I will take care of you.
I love perfectly when you cannot
I am the more that you yourself cannot be
This is unending life.
This is reality--

Go easy on those who hesitate in the faith
Go after those who take the wrong way
Be tender with sinners - not soft on sin
Lift me up. Lift me up. LIFT ME UP.
I will draw all men unto myself.
And I will keep you on your feet
You will stand tall in my presence
You will celebrate my glory and majesty, strength and rule
My kingdom has come and is coming:


What is it about sex
That makes rational people
Behave irrationally
Take leave of their senses
Either by having it
Or not having it
Or judging others for having it
Or not having it
What is it about sex
That makes our opinions so...
Harsh and
Loud and
What is it about sex
That absorbs everything else into itself
Erases realities
Some permanently
Some temporarily
What is it about sex
That changes the way we feel about ourselves
That changes the way we feel about each other
That makes everything better or
Makes everything worse
Very predictably
What is it about sex
That is so defining
But undefinable
What is it?
Sometimes Want
Sometimes Need
Sometimes Passion
Sometimes Desperation
Sometimes Tenderness
Sometimes Wantonness
Sometimes Connection
Sometimes Thrill
Sometimes Quiet
Sometimes Perfection
Sometimes Devastation
What is it about sex?

Not Imaginary Anymore

She was imaginary until he posted a picture of her
Except that I always knew she existed
Before she existed for him
Then, the reality of her was more meaningful to me
Than it was to him
Now, she has his heart
And he is her world
He is not mine anymore
Not even a little bit
He never was, really
But, he seemed to be
There was an abiding fiction that he might be
Once, he seemed like the sun and the moon together
Now, there are lots of days that I don't even think about him anymore
Today is not one of those days
There will never be a day that she doesn't think about him
I knew him then
But she will know his forever
And my heart is healing
But it isn't yet healed
It wasn't really ready for the fact that she exists
That she isn't imaginary