Wednesday, July 29, 2009


coming to grips
with the fact
that I am
simply not perfect
i make mistakes
i fail sometimes
with things that
matter to me
even with hard
work even with
close watch kept
on those things
i fail sometimes
i make mistakes
simply not perfect
trying to be
okay with that
is really hard

Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Brothers

They are so tall
It strikes me every time
One of them walks through a doorway
Impossibly tall

They have always been
My favorite source of hugs
But hugs used to be
Chubby arms around my neck
As I lifted them
One or two at a time
And squeezed them tight
Now hugs are so often
Them humoring me

With their muscled arms
And their wall-like chests
It is completely disorienting
Because when they look me in the eye
I still see tiny little boys
Hiding in those manly faces

All those diapers I changed
Countless baths and hairwashes
Sweet smelling boys I read stories to
And sang lullabyes to
And tucked into bed

Now effortlessly lift heavy furniture
And charm teenage girls
And astound their oldest sister
They are just so tall