Thursday, February 12, 2009

What We Will Do on Valentine's Day

we will watch the stories
of those who found
one to cling to
one to walk beside
one to have and hold
there will be food and wine
there will be compansionship
there will be laughter
we will feel a twinge
a wishing
for the clock to turn faster
for the time to come
for our turn to arrive
but we will not be alone

we will be together
anticipating rejoicing
when our own stories
surpass those on the screen
when our hearts
healed and whole
strong and full
ready and willing
find love to cling to
love to walk beside
love to have and hold
we will daydream for ourselves
we will hope for each other

and in the meantime
in the now and not yet
we will know
that we are beloved of heaven
our hunger for human love
will not surpass
will not overwhelm
will not drown out
the redeeming
strong and true

Love of the One
who already holds us
safely in His arms
the One who never leaves
the One who never lets go
the One who gave everything
to make a way
to be with us forever
we will see ourselves
reflected in His eyes
perfectly loved
entirely accepted
wholly desired
transformed by His presence

and so we will find joy
in the echoes of that Story
in the ones on the screen
we will laugh and cry
we will allow our hearts
to feel longing
to recognize wishing
a moment of wanting
but then we will look up
we will look ahead
we will wait
for His plan
for His provision
for His perfect timing


kara Forston said...

love it.

Megs said...

And eat shrimp and goat cheese, and drink lots of delicious wine, and have salad with praline pecans and champagne vinaigrette too.

Anonymous said...