Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Brothers

They are so tall
It strikes me every time
One of them walks through a doorway
Impossibly tall

They have always been
My favorite source of hugs
But hugs used to be
Chubby arms around my neck
As I lifted them
One or two at a time
And squeezed them tight
Now hugs are so often
Them humoring me

With their muscled arms
And their wall-like chests
It is completely disorienting
Because when they look me in the eye
I still see tiny little boys
Hiding in those manly faces

All those diapers I changed
Countless baths and hairwashes
Sweet smelling boys I read stories to
And sang lullabyes to
And tucked into bed

Now effortlessly lift heavy furniture
And charm teenage girls
And astound their oldest sister
They are just so tall

1 comment:

Bunz said...

Did you ever think it was because you are so short? BTW, nice post.