Monday, September 08, 2008

One for Debo

Did you see her walk down the street?
Striding on long legs in heels
Red toes peeking out under dark jeans
Black tank top skimming feminine shoulders
She held her head up, her blue eyes clear
Her hair bounced slightly in rhythm with her steps
Did you notice her? Most people did.
She has that way about her.
But her real draw is barely visible in her gait
Confidence and compassion
Humor and humility
Her tender heart
Her knowing smile
Kneeling to look a kid in the eye
Her arm around a friend’s shoulder
Concentrating - brow furrowed
Dancing with grace but not quite abandon
Singing occasionally slightly off key
She is coming into her own
Girl becoming woman
Casting off childishness
Holding tightly to the good things
Letting the bad ones go
Watch her walk – do you see it now?
As she goes, I picture pigtails with ringlets
Like a ghost trailing behind her
Or a premonition holding her hand
Who she was and who she will be
Echoed in who she is today
Keep an eye on her.
She's worth watching.
She'll amaze you.


erin said...

umm for some reason this made me cry. i heart debo.

LceeL said...

Lovely. Compassionate.

Kool Aid said...

Wow, that's beautiful. How in envision my daughter in the coming years - at least that's my hope.

Kool Aid said...

I was wondering, can I post this on my blog and (of course!) link this to you?

Bridge said...

Of course!