Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Hope of Glory

When You made us
In your image
Your nature
Your essence
Not hidden away
But the core of who we were
You, deep inside us
You, moving within us
You, walking alongside us
You saw all that would be
Our brokenness
Our arrogance
Our anger
Our petty shortsighted selfishness
Murderous jealous rage displacing You
Turning our backs on You inside us
Shoving it deep down
Burying it away
Trapping ourselves
Into meaninglessness
Until You came for us
When Glory descended
Proclaimed by angels
Shocking in humility
The promise of redemption realized
Power held in check
Perfection sacrificed
Dust and clay
Flesh and bone
Mankind itself
Allowed to inhale
Divine justice and mercy
In one saving breath
So that You with us
God with us
Love with us
Could once more be
God in us
Love in us
Christ in us
The hope of Glory
As You intended
When You made us
In Your image

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Anonymous said...

this one is happy. :)