Monday, December 08, 2008


Kool Aid gave me this delightful award, which comes with an assignment: The recipient is to list 6 things that make him/her happy before subsequently passing forward the glee to others.

First, a poem for the first part.

Haiku List of Delights

1. Reading
new phrasing that makes known
life's very essence showing
simple depth -- old truths

2. Hugging
strong arms enfolding
tightly squeezing warmth surrounds
Love's closeness captured

3. Laughing
out of the belly
giggles and guffaws both come
spilling joyfulness

4. Family
because we are stuck
relating our growth becomes
better together

5. Conversation
ebbs and flows between
bridging experience and
knitting together

6. Jesus
descended to be
all that we are yet divine
His Love cost it all

And Part Two: My Awards List (in no particular order)

Erin - my sister, my friend, the most gifted person I know

Kara - friends like her are priceless treasures, and her blog bridges the frustrating miles between us

Amber - my dear friend who mothers some of my favorite small humans in the world and who also risks communicating the beauty and difficulty of her reality

LouCeeL - such genius and heart shared so openly

Flutter - a true phoenix giving courageous truth

Svensto - such delightful memories shared so eloquently


flutter said...

this is so lovely of you, thank you so much

LceeL said...

Dearest Bridge,

Thank you, so much, for thinking of me when deciding to share this award. It means a great deal to me when people decide to show such kindness to me as a reward for my work and the things I have to say. I would ask, however, that you give this to someone who will abide by the rules. I have made a decision, some time ago, to not participate in the "awards" process. Getting them is great - but passing them along to others is like Sophie's Choice - who do you leave out. It's not anything I feel comfortable with, any longer. Thank you, sweetheart. I hope you understand.

Bridge said...

Award winners (especially Lou). If you'd rather opt out of that piece, no worries. You all add so much to my day by sharing your creativity, and I'm grateful for you. I always love to see who else people are reading, so if you do have the inclination, you're welcome to pass it along.