Saturday, January 31, 2009

D: It is Written

He called her to follow him
He Brought her in from the rain
He asked her name
After that he
Never stopped calling for her
Never stopped coming after her
Never stopped wanting her near him
No matter what it cost him
No matter what she had become
No matter who tried to stop him
Though she was distant
Though she was scarred
Though she told him to go
He kept coming after her
He kept coming through for her
He never forgot
She was his destiny

It echoes
In the filth and the slime
In the violence and betrayal
In the corruption and confusion
The greatest story ever told
The one in which He is coming for us
The one in which

He called us to follow Him
He Brought us in from the rain
He knows our names
And He too
Never stops calling for us
Never stops coming after us
Never stops wanting us near Him
No matter what it cost Him
No matter what we become
No matter who tries to stop Him
Though we are distant
Though we are scarred
Though we tell Him to go
He keeps coming after us
He keeps coming through for us
He never forgets
He is our destiny


Rachel said...

I love the repetition in this.

ambers said...

or wow.
truly inspired.
very inspiring.

robb said...

OK, now I really have to recind my offhanded comment before the game about a lawyer writing the national anthem...

That was good. Thanks!

Jess said...

That is beautiful, Bridge!