Monday, January 26, 2009


It was bleeding
When I pulled it out and locked it up
Ravaged and almost destroyed
Torn and ragged
It left a gaping hole
And so I found a case
Strong and made of gold
Intricate and rare
It protected well
And I kept the key
Always around my neck
Like a noose
Or a chain that binds
So when I gave Him my heart
I handed him the case
Isn't it beautiful? I said.
He smiled.
He held the case in His hands.
But I kept the key around my neck.
So He had my heart
But He couldn't touch it
Without destroying the case
And risking further damage
By crushing or jagged edges
We walked together a long time
Him with the case
Me with the key
Growing heavier all the time
Reminding me as it swung against my scar
Of the mess locked away inside that case
Of the damage done
Of the wounds that must have deformed
Wondering what He would think
If He opened the case
And one day, He asked for the key
Gently, but firmly,
He insisted I had carried it long enough
He asked for the right to open the case
And with trembling hands,
I lifted the key from my neck
Laid it in His waiting hand
And He held it and looked into my eyes
As His hands moved to turn it in the lock
The case fell open
And together our eyes looked down
To see perfect pink
Entirely whole
Completely healed
And then He held my heart in His hands
With no barrier between
Before He placed it again inside my chest
His hands holding it safe
Setting it free to beat again


Anonymous said...

totally wonderful.
the beautifullest.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

It's amazing how long that actually takes, isn't it. If only we could go through all that pain and heartache and then rebound. But, the makes it hard to ponder trying again.