Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In the quiet
Hope unfolds
Flutters its wings
Stretches wide
Looks around
Fear too and Doubt
Stir from slumber
Jostle about
Coveting space
Noticing, Hope
Hums softly
Lingers over memories
Smiles knowingly
Glances at pictures
Looks out the window
Places her hand
On Gratitude’s shoulder
Gratitude unwinds
Long arms
Wrapped around comfort
An old blanket
Deeply inhaling
She stretches out
Expanding her reach
Hope and Gratitude
Hold hands
Sway and dip
Circling, Pulsing
An ancient rhythm
Light footsteps
Quietly drumming
Slowly, then
Doubt’s head begins to nod
Fear’s eyes close again
They yield to sleep
So in the silence
Only Hope and Gratitude remain
Joined together
Twirling with delight

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amberg said...

umm, this is awesome