Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'd Rather

I would rather be rocking
Tiny new life gently to sleep
Bundled up
Newly bathed
Content and warm
Sweet and soft
Than sitting here
Typing and reviewing
Boring documents

I would rather be chasing
Little legs attempting escape
Moving fast
Giggling hysterically
Round and soft
A little unbalanced
Than sitting here
In front of a computer
All day long

I would rather be talking
Over friendships and heartbreaks
Her hair swinging
Words tumbling out
Legs tucked up
Under her chin
Than sitting here
On the phone all day
With demanding clients

I would rather be sitting
Head on his shoulder
Arms tightly holding
Warm and loving
Belonging and safe
Two-as-one life
Than sitting here
Alone with a book
And a glass of wine


amberg said...

you want a newborn and a toddler and a teenager and a husband? in that order? huh.

Bridge said...

Any of any order, really.

Mom101 said...

Oh mama.

You are so not alone.