Sunday, August 24, 2008

For Amber

It’s just a lot—all of it
The sadness and the tension
The loneliness and the loss
The enormity of forever changing
But most of all
The little people counting on you
To get it right
To keep holding your head up
To keep walking forward
To be strong
To endure
To love them enough
To love yourself enough
To cling to the truth you know
And keep after the truth you don’t know yet
To lean into the light
To refuse to sink down into darkness
To teach them how to hold His hand
By holding on yourself
To let them know where your strength comes from
It’s so much…
It’s really so much
But more important in the end
Than unpacked boxes
Or organized clothes
Or even civility among adults
Is learning that dependence
Clinging to that reality
Making sure they understand
That He loves them
More than you love them
Because He does
And so it’s a lot
But it isn’t too much
They are watching
As you walk through this valley
And they will learn to love Him
Like you love Him
And to love each other
And to be the men and women
They were meant to be
Before time began
Just like you
Deep inside them, they will understand
Jesus loves you - this I know

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