Friday, August 15, 2008

Love wins

Rejection prowls
Casts doubt
On worth
On value
Attempts slaughter
Of character
Of wisdom
Of sweetness
Of gifts
Even beauty
It projects
Wrenching pain
Continuing horror
Vile rejection
Wicked dishonesty
Yet you
Remain beautiful,
Shining Star
Sweet mercy
Kind goodness
Brilliant light
Powerful strength
Gentle compassion
Graceful peace
Relentlessly pressing
You create
You affirm
You delight
You believe
Simply complete
Utter perfection
Your worth
Sheltered inside
His Love
His Approval
His Affection
His Delight
Shielded within
His Wonder
His Glory
His Truth
Rejection howls
Impotent rage
Helpless flailing
Incapable frustration
Caught outside
Away from
Trapped beyond
Love’s fortress
Love’s stronghold
Love’s citadel
Your refuge
Your protection
Your redemption
Love safeguards
And you,
Precious one
Dwell within
Abide inside
Walk confidently
Into life
After all

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