Thursday, May 07, 2009

(Another) One for Amber

something inside of you
bursts with so much light
it's blinding some days
even when darkness crowds in close

something inside of you
sings with such abandon
it's the loudest song
even in the noisiest room

something inside of you
crys out for mercy
trusting that Love will rain down
even when loneliness crowds it out

and that something
the something inside you
is the image of One who knows
the One who brings light to darkness
the One who brings songs to chaos
the One who rains Love down

and you overflow with it so much
more often than not
the Someone inside of you
stretches out His hand
in light and song and mercy and Love
and pours out all of those things
from you to me
and from you to your kids
and from you to your friends
and from you to the world
Light...and song...and Love

1 comment:

amber said...

wow. really? wow.