Sunday, May 24, 2009

It is Finished

On this day
I took back my life
From the shackles
Of past mistakes
That held me fast
Binding me to choices
I regret - I loosed my hold
On stories that ended badly
On hearts and souls
That were not mine
That did not belong to me
On illusions that clouded
My hopes and dreams

I reclaimed my soul
And the freedom to give it away
Again to the One who redeemed it
Who made redemption possible
Who doesn't just forgive
But separates wrong from right
And looses dreams again
Dreams that will come
Hope that is reborn
Joy that wells up again

I was set free
For freedom's sake
And for Love
Both the Love already here
And the Love on its way to me
Across time and space
Love ordained to be mine
Love authorized and life-giving
Taking hold of the future
I called it into the present
I let go of the past
And its hold on me was broken
Written down on slips of paper
Burned into ashes
And washed away

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