Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What I Want

Warm breath on the back of my neck
Strong arms tight around my waist
Sweet weight pressing gently in

But that isn't all
It isn't even close

Craving Love and respect
Intelligent conversation
Laughter and gentleness

Even more than that
The sometimes impossible dream

Someone whose world is defined
By the same Love that changed
Everything about my reality

And sometimes the immediacy of the one
Eclipses the promise of the other

But it cannot compare, not really
To the hope I have, the firmly entrenched belief
That you are out there in the world

Longing for the same things I long for
Waiting with the same baited breath

For the day when your eyes find mine
Across all the days from now 'til then
And all of this struggle, all of this pain

Is swept away in the realization of this dream
Of warm breath, loving arms, laughter and gentleness

The day when our souls foreshadow perfect union
Our hearts beat with one ageless rhythm
And this wanting, this waiting, proves to be worthwhile after all

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