Wednesday, May 06, 2009

just one on sweetness and light

between your words
hidden in phrases
in stories and silence
your heart speaks
your soul shines
somehow I hear more
than the words you say
but it's not my eyes
that see you like this
His eyes see too
penetrating beyond
pain and hardship
sorrow and anger
rejection and loneliness
into the very core
of who you are
but more than that
who you were meant to be
and my eyes, my instinct
are only the merest reflection
of how clearly He knows
your complexity
your goodness
His image in you
my barest comprehension
is but a meager shadow
of that Great Knowing
the healing that comes
from knowing and being known
by the Love that
set the world in motion
Love who sees more than I do
Love who knows more than I do
Love who cares more than I do
that's what strips away
layers of junk
to find the core
the sweetness and light
fighting to survive and to grow

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